Benedict Cumberbatch

John Link was one of my teachers at Lamda. He had the arduous task of trying to rein in a very camp and over the top Cardinal I gave him in the latter half of a multicast version of Tis Pity She’s a Whore. While he may have failed there, I’m afraid, in every other department and aspect he always succeeded. Not only is he highly knowledgeable and experienced as both a teacher and performer (and a wonderfully fine painter to boot!) but he’s a patient, inspiring and creative teacher for all levels and standards of experience and ability. John would run the duologues for our final showcase. That’s an incredibly pressured environment balancing the politics of who has to work with who and overseeing their choices of material, let alone directing their moment to the best it could be while installing confidence to step up for the meat market roll call that it brutally was. But John navigated it with suggestions for the text and great direction in a very even handed way.

His experience with commanding this tricky format for the school’s showcase for a professional audience of agents, producers, directors and casting directors is a clear indication of his ability. This experience alone I say would qualify him as being a superb choice for anyone seeking help with an audition piece or any work they need to focus on. He can uniquely open up an understanding of a scene and character that will make you doubly confident in your choices as a performer.

He knows how to direct you and to fit your choices to your employees expectation. Book him now! Before I do!

David Oyelowo

During my 3 years at LAMDA, John proved to be one of the most effective practitioners for me when it came to unlocking text. Whether it was modern or classical, he always seemed to have keys into the emotional truth behind the words. I owe him a debt of gratitude for taking some of the fear out of understanding and interpreting text/dialogue.

Claflin,-SamSam Claflin

John kindly took me under his wing and allowed me time and opportunity to work with him through any uncertainties. He harnessed what I already knew and helped me focus it in new ways. He was always available, at any time, to work through any text. And without him its safe to say I wouldn’t be where I am today.

LukeTreadwellLuke Treadway

Whilst training at LAMDA  I had the great pleasure of being directed by John. His rehearsal room is an inspiring place to be; incredibly enjoyable, thought provoking and challenging, a feeling of trust and safety between everyone, with constant encouragement and facilitating and facilitating of truthful, honest acting.