No one is exempt from nerves and nervous tension. Whether you are an actor seeking enhanced work/career opportunities through audition or interview, if you are playing a major role and feeling uncertain, or if you are in the public eye, having to face the press, make a speech, deal with chat shows, etc – with over 40 years experience, I can help you avoid the pitfalls and minimize the effect of hasty or ill-judged decisions made under pressure and brought about by anxiety.

Working in a relaxed, friendly way, either in your own home, studio/rehearsal room/on set or location. My purpose, ALWAYS, is to facilitate the actor’s own ideas and objectives in owning the material but delivering the intentions of the director.

I seek to empower the actor’s individuality in inhabiting the text, this allows his/her choices to ‘breathe’ – to be truthful and spontaneous – in fact, to be alive and ‘in the moment’.